Merkezefendi Cemetery

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Merkezefendi Cemetery
Merkezefendi cemetery.jpg
Main gate of Merkezefendi Cemetery
Merkezefendi Cemetery is located in Istanbul
Merkezefendi Cemetery
Shown within Istanbul
Location Zeytinburnu, Istanbul
Country Turkey
Coordinates 41°00′56″N 28°55′14″E / 41.01562°N 28.92065°E / 41.01562; 28.92065Coordinates: 41°00′56″N 28°55′14″E / 41.01562°N 28.92065°E / 41.01562; 28.92065
Type Public
Owned by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Website İBB Mezarlıklar Md. website

The Merkezefendi Cemetery (Turkish: Merkezefendi Mezarlığı) is a burial ground situated in Merkezefendi neighborhood of Zeytinburnu district on the European part of Istanbul, Turkey.

Many renowned intellectuals, writers and artists rest in this old cemetery covering an area of 27,800 m2 (299,000 sq ft).[1]

The cemetery was established in the 16th century with the construction of the tomb of Merkez Efendi at this location. It was extended in the 1950s, and another cemetery, the Kozlu Cemetery was established 100 m (330 ft) far from this place.

In 2007, the cemetery was fully renovated.[2] At the time of the burial of former Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan in 2011, a comprehensive maintenance work was carried out at the cemetery.[3]

Currently, burials are allowed only for the members of families with existing graves.[4]

Notable burials[edit]

Listed in order of death year:


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