Merlin and the Book of Beasts

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Merlin and the Book of Beasts is a 2010 Sci Fi Pictures original film.


An evil Sorcerer called the Arkadian has taken over Camelot with a zoo of beasts from the magical Book of Beasts. Princess Avlynn, daughter of King Arthur and Guinevere, sets off to find Merlin and ask him to help her take back Camelot. She also has to find the sacred sword Excalibur to assist her as she leads a band of knights Galahad, his son Lysanor and the knight Tristan to battle Arkadian, who is revealed to be her half-brother Mordred, son of Morgan Le Fey and King Arthur. They set out to find the Merlin who once helped King Arthur to save his kingdom and is living in an enchanted forest. At first Merlin declines Avlynn's request to help her, but later joins her aid. Together they confront Arkadian in his castle and Merlin is killed during the fight, but they manage to retake Camelot. They continue their journey in search of a magical fountain, which has healing powers.

When they arrive they find the fountain is dry and Galahad suggests they leave Merlin behind. But Avlynn refuses and manages to get water from the fountain using her blood and revives Merlin. Arkadian sends Medusa-like ladies to destroy them, but Merlin overpowers them. They then seek the lake of destiny were Avlynn finds her father's sword Excalibur. They are then captured by Arkadian's giant birds. Arkadian tries to impregnate Avlynn by taking Lysanor's form. During the final battle Merlin manages to capture the soul of Arkadian in to Camelot and loses his magical power to it. Avlynn pins the book to the nearby rock with excalibur thereby saving Merlin being consumed by the book.


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