Mermaid Lagoon (Tokyo DisneySea)

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Mermaid Lagoon
Tokyo DisneySea Mermaid Lagoon Exterior 20130607.jpg
Location Tokyo DisneySea
Coordinates 35°37′36″N 139°53′17″E / 35.62667°N 139.88806°E / 35.62667; 139.88806Coordinates: 35°37′36″N 139°53′17″E / 35.62667°N 139.88806°E / 35.62667; 139.88806
Opening date September 4, 2001
Theme The Little Mermaid
Attractions 8 total
Roller coasters 1
Other rides 7
Mermaid Lagoon Interior

Mermaid Lagoon is a "port-of-call" (themed land) at Tokyo DisneySea in the Tokyo Disney Resort, it also a home to the characters of The Little Mermaid.


The facade is made to look like the Palace of King Triton and features fanciful seashell-inspired architecture. This "port of call" is unique in that it is mostly indoors and recreates the feeling of being underwater. Most of the rides in this area are geared towards younger children. In Mermaid Lagoon, the children can play and it includes a live entertainment show.

Attractions & Entertainment[edit]


  • The Sleepy Whale Shoppe
  • Mermaid Treasures
  • Kiss de Girl Fashions
  • Mermaid Memories
  • Grotto Photos & Gifts
  • Sea Turtle Souvenirs


  • Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen