Mero Euta Saathi Chha

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Mero euta Sathi chha
Mero -euta-sathi-6.jpg
Promotional poster of Mero Euta Saathi Chha
Directed by Sudarshan thapa
Produced by Prabhu SJB rana
Written by Subash basnet
Starring Namrata Shrestha
Aaryan Sigdel
Jiwan Luitel
Dayahang Rai
Zenisha Moktan
Sushma Karki
Rekha Thapa
Music by Sugam Pokharel
Eyecore films
Running time
161 min
Country Nepal
Language Nepali

Mero Euta Saathi Chha (Nepali: मेरो एउटा साथी छ) (English: I Have One Friend) is a Nepali movie released on September 11, 2009. This movie was a huge hit in 2009, despite some parts of the story appeared similar to that from the Korean hit A Millionaire's First Love including the leaked sex tape of its lead actress with a married man.

Plot summary[edit]

Story plot begins from the remembrance of childhood friend Jay(Aryan Sigdel) of Shikha (Namrata Shrestha). Shikha is daughter of Principal(Keshab Bhattarai) of college. College building is situated in property of Jay's family. Lawyer Bikram Thapa(Ashok Sharma) warns Principal for paying the rent else to leave the college building where resort will be established. Shikha moves to Jay's town to seek help with him.

Jay is grown up by his grandparents after death of his parents who is the Heir of all the property of their ancestors. But being the rich guy he gets abused of his money. One day he bunks the class and while riding on a bike gets challenged from other bike rider in black helmet. He gets ahead of him and blocks his way. He acknowledges that the black helmet person was chased by Nepal Police for crime of robbery.

Shikha meets Jay incidentally and nearly meets an accident. They quarrels and gets away. Later on Shikha goes to Jay's Hotel but Jay refuses to meet her. Shikha returns to her home then. Jay gets resticated from the college due to his habits. Lawyer reminds him he could only get the property in his name only after he completes his studies within period of next one year. Else 99% property will be donated to charity under ownership of lawyer and only 1% in his name.

To complete his studies he goes to the village where he was in childhood. He joins the college there and meets Shikha who is the monitor of the class as well the instructor of the charity Play for collection of Funds for the rent to save the college premises. Jay getting offend of Village life tries to get rid from there. But slowly he gets sweetness of culture and life style of village life. Later he falls in love with Shikha and starts to help to collect the funds unknowingly the property is his own.

One day new person appears in college named Ragav(Jiwan Luitel) who was the rider in black helmet on the day of robbery. He robbed the bank to pay off the loans of college but was caught due to Jay. He hurts Jay but soon he realizes his mistake. Shikha being patient of heart starts get troubled. During the charity play Shikha goes to sleep forever in Jay's arm.

Lawyer tells he want Jay to be good person so he had sent him to the village. Jay builds foster home for the children and rest of his life he gives up in memory of childhood friend and his love Shikha.




The film was released on September 11, 2009. After a year of production, the movie did not follow the queue system. With that provision, it did not get the screening dates at the Bishwa Jyoti Cinema and Ganga Hall but was screened at other cinema halls of both Kathmandu and outside.


Critical Response[edit]

Although, the film met with some criticism for the story resembling to the Korean movie A Millionaire's First Love, it received positive reviews for its direction, cinematography, choreography and mostly for Aryan Sigdel's performance.

Aryan Sigdel won the National Film Award for the Best Actor in Leading Role for his performance.

Box office[edit]

"Mero Euta Saathi Cha" approxly collected Approximately 2.15 Crore all around Nepal & overseas.


Mero Euta Sathi Chha
Soundtrack album by Sugam Pokharel
Genre Feature film soundtrack


The official track listing.

No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "K Yo Maya Ho" Sugam Pokharel 3:51
2. "Juni Juni" Sugam Pokharel, Rejina Rimal 4:51
3. "Lajai Lajai" Soham, Mandira 3:38
4. "Mero Aankha ko Gajal" Sunidhi Chauhan 3:49
5. "Mero Euta Saathi Chha" Sugam Pokhrel 3:20

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