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Merooj, Inc.
Industry Apparel, accessories
Founded 1987
Founder Dr. Majid Saedifar
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Covina, California, United States
Area served
Key people
Dr. Majid Saedifar
(President and CEO)
Products Athletic footwear and apparel, sport equipments and other athletic and recreational products
Number of employees
directly or indirectly nearly 300 (2014)[1]

Merooj, Inc. (Persian: مروژ‎‎) is an Iranian producer and brand of athletic shoes, clothing, and accessories. The company was established by Dr. Majid Saedifar who was an official physical therapist of Iran national football team. He evolved and grew the company from an Iran-based soccer balls distributor to global marketer of athletic footwear, apparel and equipment. The company has headquarters in both Tehran, Iran, and Covina, California. It has several factories in Iran and other countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand.

Merooj is known internationally as the official apparel supplier for the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour.[2]

About the founder[edit]

Majid Saedifar was born in 1955 in Andimeshk, a small city in the southwest of Iran. After finishing his school, he went to Tehran to start his university. Because of his interest to football, he joined some football clubs. When he finished his university, he had to do his military service and he went to Shahrbani (Pas Tehran) football club. After a perfect performance, he was invited to the Iran youth national football team. In this period, he was one the famous young football players in the country and most. After a few years, he decided to leave the country and went to the USA to follow his studying and career. At the beginning, he played football for local football clubs. That didn't satisfied his ambitions as a perfectionist. He started searching to choose an academic major to study. Because of his experience in football, he selected Physical Therapy as his discipline in university. After a while, he got his Master's degree and immediately he began his career as a physical Therapist in the USA. A couple of years later, he extended his business and established several physical therapy clinics in California. While working hard as a physical therapist, he was also studying as a PhD student and after a while he got his PhD.

In his whole life, He has always been thinking about his home country, Iran and specially his hometown Andimeshk. He wanted to pay tribute to his country. All those years, he was always waiting for a good opportunity to fulfil his wish. Finally, the right moment came up. It was in 2000 that the Iranian national football team was invited to a tournament in the USA for the first time after the revolution in 1978. And actually that was a turning point in Majid's professional life. Iran's coaches knew Majid very well from the past years, so they asked him to join the team and help them as the physical therapist. From that time on, Majid was the Iranian official physical therapist for several years. That was a proper moment for him to make a difference and have a major role in the development of Iran's football . In doing so, he used all of his experience and knowledge to introduce the physical therapy among the Iranian athletes and physical therapists.

He has always cared about his origins in his life and never forgotten his hometown Andimeshk specially. He always says I scare the people who deny their origins. He has been worried about Iranian athletes all the time and believes that they deserve to benefit the best quality sports cloths and equipment. This caused him to consider this issue more seriously. So, he decided to establish a company to provide Iranians with high quality products. As a result, he set up a company and named it Merooj. The word originally is a luri word which means "ant" in luri language. It also ha a meaning in French (it means 'my red). Maybe the Luri meaning causes him to remember who he is and where he is from: a reminder of his origin! From that day on, he has been extending his company and now it has several factories all over the world. Nowadays, people know Merooj as an internationally prestigious company which can compete with his compartments in the international market. Dr. Majid Saedifar is a very good sample for all the people who want to make a difference in their life. Although Majid has achieved so many successes and been in the public eye, he is still proud of being a man from Andimeshk. In fact, this is why he has chosen such a slogan for his company: come back to your origin. He wants to remind us to return to our origins under any conditions. As he says by buying Merooj products you can really trace your origins and find them in a sense!

About the company[edit]

Merooj company has different departments and sections. The most important one is the product section. Currently, it has five big product factories in Iran and outside of Iran. The biggest one is located in his hometown Andimeshk. This factory forms the main part and in a sense the heart of Merooj company. The other domestic factory is based in the north of Iran, in Namak Abroud, Mazandaran.[3]


Merooj sells clothing, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and youth. Men's equipment includes footwear, shirts, shorts, pants, outerwear, base layer and eyewear, Women's equipment includes footwear, shirts, shorts, skirts, pants, outerwear, base layers, and eyewear.

One of the main focuses of Merooj has been football kit and the associated equipment. Merooj makes referee kits that are used in Persian Gulf Pro League.

Merooj is known internationally for being the official apparel supplier for the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour. Merooj also sponsors the Iran men's national volleyball team throughout various international competitions. Iranian people have a lot of memory with this brand because of their Iran's volleyball kits.

Wrestling is the other most important sport that Merooj finance on that. Iran, Turkey, Hungary, Georgia, Azerbaijan and some other countries are the clientele of Merooj wrestling products.


Merooj sponsors and model Adel Gholami
Teams sponsored by Merooj

Within all these years, Merooj has been sponsoring a huge variety of sports clubs and teams from all over the world. The following is a list of some of which:

A Merooj store[4]



Beach Volley[edit]





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