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Merregnon is a soundtrack CD project for which video game music composers contribute new titles. By writing orchestral music the artists tell a story taking place in a newly created fantasy universe. Composers such as Chris Hülsbeck (Turrican), Yuzo Koshiro (Shenmue), Fabian Del Priore (Cultures 2) and Andy Brick (The Sims 2) have joined this international project.



Merregnon 1 was released in 2000, distributed by synSoniq Records, Germany. In 2003 music from Merregnon 2 was performed at the first ever Symphonic Game Music Concert outside Japan, in Leipzig, Germany. In 2004 Merregnon 2 has been released on the market by Totentanz Records, distributed by SoulFood / Sony Music. In 2005 Merregnon 2 has been published on the Japanese market by the label Dex Entertainment, distributed by Sony Music Japan. Articles about the project were published in magazines such as the GameStar, Famitsu and Dorimaga.


The team behind the Merregnon CD project is also responsible for producing the European Symphonic Game Music Concert-series and furthermore was participating in the world-tour of PLAY! A Video Game Symphony.

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