Merrick Butte

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Merrick Butte
Monument Valley Merrick Butte.jpg
Highest point
Elevation6,206 ft (1,892 m) NAVD 88[1]
Prominence966 ft (294 m)[1]
Coordinates36°58′50″N 110°05′09″W / 36.9805572°N 110.0859588°W / 36.9805572; -110.0859588Coordinates: 36°58′50″N 110°05′09″W / 36.9805572°N 110.0859588°W / 36.9805572; -110.0859588[2]
Merrick Butte is located in Arizona
Merrick Butte
LocationNavajo County, Arizona. U.S.
Topo mapUSGS Mitten Buttes

Merrick Butte is a butte located in Monument Valley[3] and is part of the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, similar to its neighbors West and East Mitten Buttes just to the north.[4]


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