Merrinee, Victoria

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Merrinee VIC.jpg
Merrinee is located in Rural City of Mildura
Coordinates 34°22′17″S 141°48′03″E / 34.37139°S 141.80083°E / -34.37139; 141.80083Coordinates: 34°22′17″S 141°48′03″E / 34.37139°S 141.80083°E / -34.37139; 141.80083
Postcode(s) 3496
LGA(s) Rural City of Mildura
Region Sunraysia
State electorate(s) Mildura
Federal Division(s) Mallee
Localities around Merrinee:
Cullulleraine Wargan Merbein South
Werrimull Merrinee Koorlong, Carwarp
Murray-Sunset Murray-Sunset Murray-Sunset

Merrinee is a locality situated in the Sunraysia region. The place by road, is situated about 7 kilometres west from Pirlta and 11 kilometres east from Karawinna on the Red Cliffs-Meringur Road.

Defunct silo in Merrinee.

The Morkalla railway line opened on 10 April 1924 with a goods, grain and passenger siding,[2] followed by the Post Office on 30 May 1924.[3] The railway closed by 1988.

The area of the locality contains a number of previous localities which existed when the population was larger, namely Thurla 34°22′S 142°06′E / 34.367°S 142.100°E / -34.367; 142.100 which had a post office open from 1925 until 1940, Benetook 34°22′00″S 142°00′00″E / 34.36667°S 142.00000°E / -34.36667; 142.00000 with a post office from 1925 until 1946 and Pirlta 34°21′55″S 141°53′59″E / 34.36528°S 141.89972°E / -34.36528; 141.89972 with a post office from 1911 until 1961.[3]


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