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Meritt Records was a jazz and blues record company and label that existed from 1925 to 1929. It was founded in Kansas City by Winston Holmes, the owner of a music store. Records were made in his studio and sold only in his store.[1]

Holmes produced about 20 double-sided acoustically recorded gramophone records in the mid and late 1920s. Most of the sides are of locally based jazz and blues performers, plus some gospel music and sermons.[2]

Partial Discography[edit]


2201 City Of The Dead / Cabbage Head Blues

Lena Kimbrough / Sylvester & Lena Kimbrough


2203 I've Even Heard Of Thee / The Downfall Of Nebuchadnezzer

Rev. J.C. Burnett

2204 The Well Of Salvation

Rev. H.C. Gatewood


2206 Down Home Syncopated Blues / Meritt Stomp

George E. Lee And His Novelty Singing Orchestra

George E. Lee, ts, v, dir: Sam Utterbach, t / Thurston Maupins, tb / Clarence Taylor, ss, as / Jesse Stone, p, a / George Rousseau, bj / Clint Weaver, bb / Abe Price, d / Julia Lee, v.

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