Merritt 7 (Metro-North station)

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Merritt 7
Trackside view of station shelter
Location 1 Glover Avenue
Norwalk, CT, 06850-1309
Coordinates 41°08′48″N 73°25′40″W / 41.1466°N 73.4278°W / 41.1466; -73.4278Coordinates: 41°08′48″N 73°25′40″W / 41.1466°N 73.4278°W / 41.1466; -73.4278
Platforms 1 low side platform
Tracks 1
Connections Local Transit Norwalk Transit District: Route 7 Link
Parking 88
Other information
Fare zone 41
Opened 1985[1]
Preceding station   MTA NYC logo.svg Metro-North Railroad   Following station
Danbury Branch
toward Danbury
Danbury Branch
(closed 1994)
toward Danbury

The Merritt 7 Metro-North Railroad station serves the residents of Norwalk, Connecticut via the Danbury Branch of the New Haven Line. Merritt 7 is named for a nearby business park based at the intersection of the Merritt Parkway and United States Route 7. The station is the only regular stop in the Metro-North system outside of the Waterbury Branch, the Pascack Valley Line, and the Port Jervis Line to have a low-level platform.

The Merritt-7 Office Complex built the station while separating the station from building entrances by a fence to make the complex transit adjacent but not transit-oriented.[2]

Merritt 7 is 45 miles (72 km) from Grand Central Terminal and the average travel time from Grand Central is 74 minutes. The station opened on July 29, 1985 by Metro-North.[1]

The station has 88 parking spaces, all owned by the state.[3]

Station Improvements[edit]

The station, as part of Let's Go CT, will have a 510-foot long high-level platform built. It will be able to platform six cars, and it will be canopied the entire way. The new station will have at least 283 parking spaces. The new station would have a pedestrian overpass and it would be ADA-accessible with elevators.[4]

Platform and track configuration[edit]

1  Danbury Branch for South Norwalk or Grand Central
 Danbury Branch for Danbury

This station has one seven-car-long low-level side platform to the west of the track. The Danbury Branch has one track at this location.


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