Merry-Go-Round (retailer)

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Industry Retail
Founder Leonard Weinglass[1]
Harold Goldsmith[1]
Headquarters Joppa, Maryland, United States[1]
Number of locations
536 stores (1996)[2]
Area served
North America
Products Clothing
Parent Merry-Go-Round Enterprises, Inc.

Merry-Go-Round was a national clothing retail chain owned by Merry-Go-Round Enterprises, Inc., that thrived from the 1970s through the early 1990s. The chain fell into bankruptcy during the mid 1990s, and eventually ceased operation in 1996.[2] It was famous for its ability to profit from short-lived fashion fads[1] and also owned men's clothing retailers Silverman's, by purchasing 273 stores from Retail Ventures, Inc. (RVI), parent of American Eagle Outfitters, in 1989. In 1993, it purchased the Chess King clothing chain from the Melville Corporation.[3] At its end, the company operated just over 500 locations,[2] primarily in enclosed malls.[1] listed it in 2011 among brand names "gone but not forgotten".[4]


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