Meru Wind Power Station

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Meru Wind Power Station
Country Kenya
Location Meru, Meru County
Coordinates 00°19′47″N 37°35′30″E / 0.32972°N 37.59167°E / 0.32972; 37.59167Coordinates: 00°19′47″N 37°35′30″E / 0.32972°N 37.59167°E / 0.32972; 37.59167
Status Planned
Commission date 2017 (Expected)
Owner(s) KenGen
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 400 MW (540,000 hp)

Meru Wind Power Station, also Meru Wind Farm, is a 400 MW (540,000 hp) wind-powered power station, under construction in Kenya.[1][2]


The power station is located in northwestern Meru County, near the Meru CountyIsiolo County border, south of Isiolo Airport.[1] This location lies approximately 274 kilometres (170 mi), by road, northeast of Nairobi, the capital and largest city in Kenya.[3] The approximate coordinates of the power station are 0°19'47.0"N, 37°35'30.0"E (Latitude:0°19'47.0"N; Longitude:37°35'30.0"E).[4]


As part of efforts to diversify the national electricity sources, the government of Kenya plans to construct a 400 megawatt wind power station in Meru County. Kenya Electricity Generating Company, the government-controlled power generator will own and operate the power station. The first phase of this power station with generation capacity of 100MW was expected to come online in 2017,[5][6] but delayed due to land disputes.[7]

Development partners[edit]

The project's first phase with capacity of 100 megwatts will cost approximately US$270 million (KSh26.4 billion), borrowed from France’s Development Agency (AfD) and Germany’s Development Bank (KfW).[5]

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