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Merv Griffin Entertainment is an American production company founded by American media mogul Merv Griffin on May 13, 1996.[1] It is part of The Griffin Group. Its productions include revivals of recent franchises, such as Dance Fever, revived in 2003 for ABC Family. Merv Griffin Entertainment owns The Merv Griffin Show (licensed under Reelin' In The Years Productions) and Dance Fever. The television division was run by Yani-Brune Entertainment (Andrew Yani and Ray Brune) from 2005 to 2008; hand-picked by Griffin himself.[citation needed] In 2008, ShineReveille International made a deal with Merv Griffin Entertainment to distribute all of MGE programming overseas.

Griffin's previous production company was Merv Griffin Enterprises, which he sold to The Coca-Cola Company on May 5, 1986.[2]

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