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For people with a similar name, see Mervyn King (disambiguation).
Mervin Paul King
Mervin King.jpg
LAPD Captain Mervin King c.1989
Born San Francisco, California, U.S.
Died March 18, 2008(2008-03-18) (aged 93)
South Pasadena, California, U.S.
Relatives Married, 3 children
Awards Numerous commendations for performance
Police career
Department Los Angeles Police Department
Country United States
Years of service 1946–1976
Rank Sworn in as an Officer - February 25, 1946
LAPD Sergeant-1.jpg - Sergeant - June 6, 1952
US-O2 insignia.svg - Lieutenant - December 21, 1961
US-O3 insignia.svg - Captain - July 12, 1970
Mervin King
Died March 18, 2008(2008-03-18) (aged 93)
South Pasadena, California
Resting place Calvary Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA
Known for S.L.A. shootout

Mervin Paul King (August 1, 1914 – March 18, 2008),[1] was a Captain for the Los Angeles Police Department who commanded officers during the SLA shootout in 1974.


King was born August 1, 1914 in San Francisco, CA as the only child to the late George and Geneva King. He honorably served in combat operations in the Pacific Theater of World War II on both the USS Hutchins, a Fletcher class destroyer and the USS Markab, a destroyer tender.

LAPD career[edit]

Appointed in 1946 as a Policeman for the LAPD (Serial Number 3224), and appointed Captain in 1970, he completed 30 years of service before retiring in 1976. During his career with LAPD, King served at Accident Investigation Division, Newton Street Division, Central Traffic Division, 77th Division, and North Hollywood Division prior to retiring from Detective Support Division in 1976.


Throughout his service the Los Angeles Police Department he received more than 50 Commendations from both Department and outside agencies for his dedication to duty and recognition from outside law enforcement agencies. He never once received a personnel complaint. His recognition included that of the Los Angeles City Council for supervising the investigation of the Alphabet Bomber and an improvised explosive device detonated at Los Angeles International Airport. Commanding police efforts in the 1974 S.L.A. shootout led him to be commended by the City Council again for his supervision of the Symbionese Liberation Army investigation, one which "broke the back and thrust of the SLA".[2]


King spent the greater part of his life as a resident of Alhambra, California, dedicated to his wife Pauline of nearly 68 years, and their family including children Terence Michael King, Thomas Patrick King, and Kathryn Mary (Brandlin). He died on March 18, 2008 in South Pasadena, California.[1]

LAPD Ranks[edit]


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