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Dynasty 6th Dynasty
Pharaoh Pepi I
Mother Princess Seshseshet Waatetkhethor
Burial Tomb LS10 in the Teti Cemetery in Saqqara

Meryteti ("loved by Teti") served as vizier of Pepi I during the sixth dynasty of Egypt. He was the son of the vizier Mereruka. His mother was the royal daughter Seshseshet Waatetkhethor, daughter of Teti.[1] He was thus a nephew of the king Pepi I Meryre.


Meryteti was buried in the mastaba of his father Mereruka. This tomb was divided into three sections. The largest part of the mastaba was made for Mereruka, another section belonged to Mereruka's mother, while the third part belonged to Meryteti.[2] The burial shaft of Meryteti is located in the north-west corner of Mereruka's tomb.[3]


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