Mesca Ulad

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Mesca Ulad (English: The Intoxication of the Ulaid; the Ulstermen) is a narrative from the Ulster Cycle preserved in the 12th century manuscripts the Book of Leinster and in the Lebor na hUidre. The title Mesca Ulad occurs only in the Book of Leinster version.

Manuscript sources[edit]

  • Book of Leinster (LL): p 261b-268b (RIA). Second part missing. Middle Irish version.
  • Lebor na hUidre (LU): p 19a-20b (TCD). First part missing. Old Irish version.
  • G4 or Yellow Book of Lecan (YBL): col. 959-972 (National Library of Ireland).
  • Ed. XL or Adv. 72.1.40: p 49-68 (National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh)

Editions and translations[edit]

  • Hennessy, William M. (ed. and tr.). Mesca Ulad: or, the Intoxication of the Ultonians. Todd Lecture Series 1. Dublin, 1889. Based on LU and LL. The translation is reprinted in: Eleanor Hull (ed.), The Cuchullin Saga in Irish literature. London, 1898; and in Ancient Irish tales, ed. T.P. Cross and C.H. Slover. New York, 1936. 215-38.
  • Watson, J. Carmichael (ed.). Mesca Ulad. Mediaeval and Modern Irish Series 13. Dublin, 1941 (reprinted in 1983). Based on LU and LL, with variants from YBL and Ed. XL. Edition available from CELT.
  • Mac Gearailt, Uaitéar (ed.). "The Edinburgh Text of Mesca Ulad." Ériu 37 (1986): 133-80. Based on Ed. XL.
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  • Guyonvarc'h, C.-J.( tr.). "L'ivresse des Ulates." Ogam 12 (1960): 487-506; 13 (1961): 343-60 [also in Celticum 2 (1962) 1-38] (French).

Secondary literature[edit]

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