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Meshullam is a Biblical masculine name meaning "Befriended". In the Old Testament the name Meshullam was borne by eleven characters:

  1. One of the chief Gadites in Bashan in the time of Jotham (1 Chr 5:13).
  2. Grandfather of Shaphan, "the scribe," in the reign of Josiah (2 Kgs 22:3).
  3. A priest, father of Hilkiah (1 Chr 9:11),(Neh 11:11), in the reign of Ammon; called Shallum in (1 Chr 6:12).
  4. A Levite of the family of Kohath (2 Chr 34:12), in the reign of Josiah.
  5. A son of Elpaal. (1 Chr 8:17).
  6. One of two sons of Zerubbabel, the other being Hananiah. (1 Chronicles 3:19)
  7. A priest, head of the House of Ezra. (Neh 12:13).
  8. A chief priest (Neh 12:16).
  9. One of the leading Levites in the time of Ezra (Ezr 8:16).
  10. A priest (1 Chr 9:12).
  11. One of the principal Israelites who supported Ezra when expounding the law to the people (Neh 8:4).

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