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Mesnali is a village in the municipality of Ringsaker, Innlandet county, Norway. Its population (2009) was 754. Mesnali is situated 15 km south-east of Lillehammer and 8 km south-west of Sjusjoen, an in Norway very famous wintersport-village with excellent cross-country conditions and also a center for down-hill-skiing, with the biggest concentration of cottages in all of Norway.

Mesnali is also known as the site of the grave of Sigrid Undset, a Norwegian author who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Her portrait is on the Norwegian 500-kroner note.

Coordinates: 61°6′5″N 10°41′0″E / 61.10139°N 10.68333°E / 61.10139; 10.68333