Mesomorph Enduros

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Mesomorph Enduros
Various Artists - Mesomorph Enduros.jpg
Compilation album by Various artists
Released December 1992 (1992-12)
Recorded 1989 (1989) - 1992 (1992)
Genre Noise rock, post-hardcore, industrial rock
Length 58:06
Label Big Cat

Mesomorph Enduros is a various artists compilation album released in December 1992 by Big Cat Records.[1] It was assembled by musician and composer J. G. Thirlwell, who had been asked by Big Cat to compile songs by his favorite underground American bands.[2][3] The songs "Room 429", "Johnny Shiv" and "Blister" were recorded and made their debut specifically for the album's release.[4] The album is dedicated to Unsane's former drummer Charlie Ondras, who had died in June.[5]

Track listing[edit]

1."Room 429"Tod AshleyCop Shoot Cop5:10
2."Vile"Buzz OsborneMelvins3:48
3."Nub"Duane Denison, Mac McNeilly, David Wm. Sims, David YowThe Jesus Lizard2:30
4."Louse"Paul Erickson, Jeff Mooridian Jr., Paul SandersHammerhead2:05
5."Sister Sarah"Helios Creed, Mark Duran, Rey WashamHelios Creed6:00
6."Pig Iron"Kurt Danielson, Tad Doyle, Gary Thorstensen, Steve WiedTad3:08
7."Incesticide"J. G. ThirlwellFoetus Inc3:44
8."Nothing Solid"Paul Bergmann, Mark Davies, Anne Eickelberg, Brian Hageman, Jay Paget, Hugh SwartsThinking Fellers Union Local 2827:14
9."Candy"John Brannon, Kevin Ries, Larissa Strickland, Todd SwallaLaughing Hyenas2:44
10."Hog Ditch"Alex Barker, Steven Cerio, Julian MillsDrunk Tank2:34
11."Hands in Fire"Scott Ayers, Bliss BloodPain Teens2:20
12."The Reign"Algis Kizys, Diane WlezienOf Cabbages and Kings6:00
13."Johnny Shiv"John Nowlin, Dave Sardy, Rock SavageBarkmarket3:08
14."Bath"Charlie Ondras, Pete Shore, Chris SpencerUnsane2:58
15."Blister"David OuimetMotherhead Bug4:43


Adapted from the Mesomorph Enduros liner notes.[5]

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format Catalog
United Kingdom 1992 Big Cat CD, LP ABB36


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