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Platostoma africanum P. Beauv.jpg
Platostoma africanum
Scientific classification

  • Mesona Blume
  • Acrocephalus Benth.
  • Geniosporum Wall. ex Benth.
  • Nosema Prain
  • Limniboza R.E.Fr.
  • Hemsleia Kudô
  • Ceratanthus F.Muell. ex G.Taylor
  • Octomeron Robyns

Platostoma is a genus of flowering plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae, first described as a genus in 1818. It is native to tropical parts of Africa, southern Asia, Papuasia, and Australia.[1] Mesona[2][3] and Acrocephalus has been known as its synonyms.

A widely consumed species in this genus is Platostoma palustre (synonyms Mesona chinensis, M. elegans, and M. procumbens),[4] or xiancao (仙草) in Mandarin, sian-chháu (仙草) in Taiwanese, leung fun cho (涼粉草) in Cantonese, sương sáo in Vietnamese, and cincau in Indonesian and Malay. It is eaten as a snack in drinks, or set as a gel and served as a grass jelly.

In Indonesia the Platostoma palustre leaf is used to make a black jelly; there is also an instant powder variety available.


There are about 44-46 accepted species as below[1][5]:

  1. Platostoma africanum P.Beauv - tropical Africa, southern India, Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia
  2. Platostoma annamense (G.Taylor) A.J.Paton - Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia
  3. Platostoma axillaris (Benth.) A.J.Paton - Assam
  4. Platostoma becquerelii Suddee & A.J.Paton - Cambodia
  5. Platostoma borzianum (Chiov.) ined.. - Ethiopia
  6. Platostoma calcaratum (Hemsl.) A.J.Paton - southern China, northern Indochina
  7. Platostoma cambodgense Suddee & A.J.Paton - Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos
  8. Platostoma clausum (Merr.) A.J.Paton - Culion Island in Philippines
  9. Platostoma cochinchinense (Lour.) A.J.Paton - southern China, Indochina, Java, Sumatra
  10. Platostoma coeruleum (R.E.Fr.) A.J.Paton - Angola, Zambia
  11. Platostoma coloratum (D.Don) A.J.Paton - Yunnan, eastern Himalayas, northern Indochina
  12. Platostoma denticulatum Robyns - central Africa from Cameroon east to Tanzania and south to Angola
  13. Platostoma dilungense (Lisowski & Mielcarek) A.J.Paton - Zaïre, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi
  14. Platostoma elongatum (Benth.) A.J.Paton - Sri Lanka, southern India
  15. Platostoma fastigiatum A.J.Paton & Hedge - Madagascar
  16. Platostoma fimbriatum A.J.Paton - Thailand
  17. Platostoma gabonense A.J.Paton - Cameroon, Gabon, Tanzania
  18. Platostoma glomerulatum A.J.Paton & Hedge - Madagascar
  19. Platostoma grandiflorum Suddee & A.J.Paton - eastern Indochina
  20. Platostoma helenae (Buscal. & Muschl.) ined.. - Mozambique
  21. Platostoma hildebrandtii (Vatke) A.J.Paton & Hedge - Kenya, Tanzania
  22. Platostoma hispidum (L.) A.J.Paton - Southeast Asia, southern China, Assam, New Guinea
  23. Platostoma intermedium A.J.Paton - Thailand
  24. Platostoma kerrii Suddee & A.J.Paton - Thailand, Cambodia
  25. Platostoma lanceolatum (Chermsir. ex Murata) A.J.Paton - Thailand
  26. Platostoma laxiflorum A.J.Paton & Hedge - Madagascar
  27. Platostoma leptochilon Robyns - Zaïre
  28. Platostoma longicorne (F.Muell.) A.J.Paton - Queensland, New Guinea
  29. Platostoma madagascariense (Benth.) A.J.Paton & Hedge - Madagascar
  30. Platostoma mekongense Suddee - Thailand
  31. Platostoma menthoides (L.) A.J.Paton - Sri Lanka, southern India
  32. Platostoma montanum (Robyns) A.J.Paton - Zaïre, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi
  33. Platostoma ocimoides (G.Taylor) A.J.Paton - Thailand, Cambodia
  34. Platostoma palniense (Mukerjee) A.J.Paton - southern India
  35. Platostoma palustre (Blume) A.J.Paton - Southeast Asia, southern China, Assam, Bangladesh, New Guinea
  36. Platostoma rotundifolium (Briq.) A.J.Paton - tropical + southern Africa
  37. Platostoma rubrum Suddee & A.J.Paton - Thailand, Laos
  38. Platostoma siamense (Murata) A.J.Paton - Thailand
  39. Platostoma stoloniferum (G.Taylor) A.J.Paton - Thailand, Laos
  40. Platostoma strictum (Hiern) A.J.Paton - Zaïre, Angola, Zambia, Malawi
  41. Platostoma taylorii Suddee & A.J.Paton - Thailand, Cambodia
  42. Platostoma tectum A.J.Paton - Thailand, Cambodia, Laos
  43. Platostoma tenellum (Benth.) A.J.Paton & Hedge - Madagascar
  44. Platostoma thymifolium (Benth.) A.J.Paton & Hedge - Madagascar
  45. Platostoma tridechii Suddee - Thailand
  46. Platostoma verbenifolium (Watt ex Mukerjee) A.J.Paton - Assam, Bangladesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Myanmar


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