Mesoregion of Assis

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Mesoregion of
Location of the Mesoregion of Assis
Location of the Mesoregion of Assis
Country  Brazil
Region Southeast
State  São Paulo
 • Total 12,710.210 km2 (4,907.440 sq mi)
Population (2010/IBGE [1])
 • Total 553.778
 • Density 44.10/km2 (114.2/sq mi)
Time zone UTC-3 (UTC-3)
 • Summer (DST) UTC-2 (UTC-2)
Area code(s) +55 18 at Assis's Microregion
and +55 14 at Microregion of Ourinhos

The Mesoregion of Assis (or Paranapanema Valley's Mesoregion) is one of the 15 mesoregions of the São Paulo state, Brazil. It is located at the southwest portion of the state, and has an area of 12,710.210 km² and the seat of mesoregion is in Assis.

The population of the mesoregion is 567,858[2] inhabitants (IBGE/2010), spread over 35 municipalities.

The boundaries of Paranapanema Valley Region is Itapetininga's Mesoregion (at east), Presidente Prudente's Mesoregion (at west), Marília's Mesoregion and Bauru's Mesoregion (north), Mesoregion of Pioneer North of Paraná and Mesoregion of North Central of Paraná (at South). The GDP is R$10.949.020,00 [3] and the region is an important and strategic way to access the South of Brasil and Mercosul. The principal resource of Paranapanema Valley economy is Sugarcane, Agribusiness, Electronics, Software, Products chemical, Food, mechanical and others.

The microregions have a huge integration with cities. Actually, Ourinhos is the most populated city in region, followed by Assis, Paraguaçu Paulista and Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, they have populations of more than 40,000. The limits of the region with Paraná state is Paranapanema River. The region was unoccupied until the twentieth century, when the first villages were created, but only with arrival of the railroad (Estrada de Ferro Sorocabana, Sorocabana Railway) the region developed. Over the years, the city began to receive public services like education, health, water and electricity. The main road in the region is the Raposo Tavares Highway that cuts through the middle region, connecting the state capital to the city of Presidente Prudente.

Because the connection history, especially in Microregion of Ourinhos, there is a great influence on Pioneer North of Paraná, mainly in the cities of Jacarezinho, Santo Antonio da Platina and Cambará. Meanwhile, in the Microregion of Assis, the connection with the Paraná is greatly reduced and the integration is mainly among the municipalities in the region, mainly Tarumã, Cândido Mota, Palmital and Paraguaçu Paulista. For better integration of the cities, there are as CIVAP [4] intermunicipal arrangements (Intermunicipal Consortium of Paranapanema Valley) and UMMES (Union of Municipalities of the Middle Sorocabana)[5] aimed at sharing common interests for development.

In addition, the region is well served by secondary technical schools (such as Etecs maintained by State Technological Education Center Paula Souza, Centro Estadual de Educação Tecnológica Paula Souza), colleges (such as Integrated College Ourinhos, Faculdades Integradas de Ourinhos), institutes (such as the Federal Institute of São Paulo at Assis), universities (like the State University Paulista with campuses at Assis and Ourinhos). Highlighting the UNESP (Assis and Ourinhos), Fatec of Ourinhos and the FEMA (Assis Educational Foundation) at Assis.


All data from IBGE/2010[2]

Microregion of Assis[edit]

  • Population: 263.861
  • Area (km²): 7,141.738
  • Population density (km²): 37.2

Cities: Assis, Borá, Campos Novos, Cândido Mota, Cruzália, Florínia, Ibirarema, Iepê, Lutécia, Maracaí, Nantes, Palmital, Paraguaçu Paulista, Pedrinhas Paulista, Platina, Quatá, Tarumã [6]

Microregion of Ourinhos[edit]

  • Population: 289.917
  • Area (km²): 5,568.472
  • Population density (km²): 53.0

Cities: Bernardino de Campos, Canitar, Chavantes, Espírito Santo do Turvo, Fartura, Ipaussu, Manduri, Óleo, Ourinhos, Piraju, Ribeirão do Sul, Salto Grande, Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, São Pedro do Turvo, Sarutaiá, Taguaí, Tejupá, Timburi[6]


Most populous cities in Mesoregion of Assis[edit]

Most populous cities in Mesoregion of Assis - Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística - Estimative (2014) [1]
# City Microregion Pop. # City Microregion Pop.
1 Ourinhos Ourinhos 109 489 11 Ipaussu Ourinhos 14 483
2 Assis Assis 100 911 12 Quatá Assis 13 603
3 Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo Ourinhos 46 366 13 Chavantes Ourinhos 12 482
4 Paraguaçu Paulista Assis 44.310 14 Taguaí Ourinhos 12 314
5 Cândido Mota Assis 31 063 15 Bernardino de Campos Ourinhos 11 146
6 Piraju Ourinhos 29 599 16 Manduri Ourinhos 9 529
7 Palmital Assis 22 041 17 Salto Grande Ourinhos 9 190
8 Fartura Ourinhos 15 925 18 Iepê Assis 8 002
9 Tarumã Assis 14 027 19 São Pedro do Turvo Ourinhos 7 538
10 Maracaí Assis 13 878 20 Tejupá Ourinhos 4 788

Coordinates: 22°39′43″S 50°24′43″W / 22.6619°S 50.4119°W / -22.6619; -50.4119

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