Mesquite Tower

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Mesquite Tower
Mesquite Tower.jpg
Mesquite Tower from below
Mesquite Tower is located in Texas
Mesquite Tower
Mesquite Tower (Texas)
Location Mesquite, Dallas County, Texas
Tower height 510 feet (155 m)
Coordinates 32°45′46″N 96°38′05″W / 32.7628°N 96.6347°W / 32.7628; -96.6347Coordinates: 32°45′46″N 96°38′05″W / 32.7628°N 96.6347°W / 32.7628; -96.6347
Built 1990

Mesquite Tower is a free-standing lattice tower located in Mesquite, Texas, United States, that is approximately 510 feet (155 m) tall. It is of an unconventional design[citation needed] and was built in 1990. It stands between West Mesquite High School and Memorial Stadium. Owned by the Mesquite Independent School District, it is a 61,000 watt radio tower used by the radio station KEOM which is operated by the school district.

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