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Origin New Jersey
Years active 1980-1982, 1995-1998, 2000, 2006
Associated acts Prophet, Bon Jovi
Past members Dean Fasano
Richie Sambora
Alec John Such
Simon Gannett
Bruce Foster
Andy Rubbo
Mike Walsh
Tom DeRossi
Jeff Thompsen
Steve D’Acurtis
Tim Hewitt
Aaron Anderson
Steve Morris
Chris Ousey
David Chapman
Mark Allen Lanoue
Chris Flowers
Mike Gear
Rob Karten

Message was a hard rock band that was formed in New Jersey around 1980. The original members of the band were Dean Fasano (lead vocals, guitar), Richie Sambora (guitar), Simon Gannett (organ), Bruce Foster (keyboard), Alec John Such (bass), and Andy Rubbo (drums). The band disabanded shortly after giving out one record, but the lead singer, Dean Fasano gave out three more records later under the band name with a different setting.


The band was formed in 1980 by Dean Fasano. He sang lead vocals, while Richie Sambora played guitar, Alec John Such played bass, Andy Rubbo played drums, Simon Gannett played organ and Bruce Foster played both electric and acoustic piano. Shortly after the band was formed, they put out a self-titled album from their very own company. Due to the lack of money, the band did only 1800 pressings of the album, and they had to sell it from the trunk of their cars.

Two years after the forming of Message, they got the opportunity to be an opening act for Joe Cocker. Unfortunately, they did not have the money to tour over a long periode of time, therefore they only played a few dates on the Joe Cocker tour. When the band returned to its roots in Sayreville in New Jersey, some of the band members met Jon Bon Jovi from "Jon Bon Jovi and the Wild Ones". This meeting would cause both Richie Sambora and Alec John Such to leave Message in favor of Jon Bon Jovi's new band, Bon Jovi. The members of Message parted ways, but they would still stay in touch with each other for some time. After the breakup, some bootlegs from the Joe Cocker tour was put out for sale in Europe, and it hit the charts in some countries.

1990s and 2000s[edit]

The band would not give out a record, until 1995, when their first album was re-released in CD. A few years later, the lead singer, Dean Fasano formed a new Message. This time the line up included Mike Walsh (guitar, keyboard and bass), Tom DeRossi (guitar), Jeff Thompsen (bass), Steve D’Acurtis (guitar, bass and sitar) and various other musicians. The new Message released an album called "Fine Line" in 1998. Only two years later, in 2000, Dean Fasano would form another Message. This time the line up was Dean Fasano (lead vocals and keyboards), Tim Hewitt (bass), Aaron Anderson (drums, percussions), Steve Morris (guitar and keyboard), Chris Ousey (harmony and backing vocals) and David Chapman (keyboards). The album was called "Outside Looking In". This was the last studio album that Message released. Another re-release of the first Message album was done the same year as "Outside Looking In" came out. This time the album was called "Lessons" and it contained bonus songs such as "Diana", "Living In The Night" and "Dance Of The Dead".

In 2006, Dean Fasano released live songs from the Joe Cocker tour in 1982. The album was called "Message Live" and it contains songs from the original Message line up. This album contained a bonus studio tracks from Mark Allen Lanoue and Dean Fasano, called "Just One Step Away and another called FINE LINE (released earlier on MESSAGE FINE LINE) with musicians Chris Flowers - Drums, Mike Gear - Bass, and Rob Karten - Keys"

In 2009, the leader of Message, Dean Fasano died from Coronary artery disease, only 54 years old.


Studio albums

  • Message (around 1980)
  • Message (1995)
  • Fine Line (1998)- Title track was written by: Mark Allen Lanoue (BILOXI and Chasing Karma)
  • Lessons (2000)
  • Outside Looking In (2000)

Live albums

  • Message Live (2006) - Bonus tracks include the original recording of FINE LINE and Just One Step Away.