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Messages (DVD cover art).jpg
Directed by David Fairman
Written by Wayne Kinsey and Ivan Levine
Starring Jeff Fahey
Bruce Payne
Jon-Paul Gates
Kim Thomson
Release date
Running time
102 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Messages is a 2007 British film written by Wayne Kinsey and Ivan Levine, directed by David Fairman and starring Jeff Fahey and Bruce Payne.


The film is set in England where an American pathologist Dr. Richard Murray is grieving for his late wife Carol who died in a car crash a few months previously. Murray's grief is accentuated by the guilt that he feels as he was having an affair with another woman prior to Carol's death. As a consequence, Murray has started drinking large amounts of whiskey and is having blackouts, forgetting what has transpired in his previous drinking sessions.

Murray begins to receive messages on his computer which he believes to be clues to his wife's death. When he realises that in the same area a serial killer is attacking women he begins to suspect himself of the murders and of the murder of his wife.



British Film magazine described the film as 'exuberantly acted' while Cinemas Online stated that it contained 'some mesmerizing performances'.[1]


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