Messenian Oinousses

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Messenian Oinousses
Messenian Oinousses is located in Greece
Messenian Oinousses
Messenian Oinousses
Coordinates 36°42′N 21°37′E / 36.70°N 21.61°E / 36.70; 21.61Coordinates: 36°42′N 21°37′E / 36.70°N 21.61°E / 36.70; 21.61
Total islands 7
Region Peloponnese
Regional unit Messenia
Population 2 (2011)

Messenian Oinousses (Greek: Μεσσηνιακές Οινούσσες) is a Greek island complex in the southwest coasts of Peloponnese, in Ionian Sea. It is located in the south of Messenian peninsula, opposite Methoni and Foinikounda. The complex comprises from the islands Schiza and Sapienza and the islets and rocks Venetiko, Agia Mariani, Avgo, Dyo Aderfia and Boba.[1] The largest island is Schiza, whereas the only populated is Sapientza. In the southwest of Oinousses is the deepest point of Mediterranean Sea, the Calypso Deep, known in Greek as Oinousses Trench.[2][1] Oinousses has been included in the environmental program Natura 2000. The islands belong to Pylos-Nestor municipality.

Main islands[edit]

Island Area (Km2) Population (2011)
Schiza 12.3 0
Sapientza 9.0 2
Venetiko 1.2 0

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