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Messer Chups is a surf rock band from Saint Petersburg, Russia.[1] The group was formed in 1998 by composer and guitarist Oleg Fomchenkov.[2]


The band was founded by Oleg Fomchenkov (also known as Oleg Gitarkin) who had previously performed with Oleg Kostrov as Messer für Frau Müller [ru]. Messer Chups is often considered a "spin-off" band of Messer für Frau Müller.[citation needed] In the group's name, "Messer" is taken from the German word for "knife" and "Chups" from Chupa Chups lollipops.[3]

The band was originally a duo of Gitarkin on bass guitar and Annette Schneider on synthesizer. During 2000–2002 Messer Chups consisted of Gitarkin and Igor Vdovin [ru] on synths.[citation needed]

In 2003, Oleg Tarasov, the producer of Messer Chups and head of their home label Solnze Records, invited the world famous theremin player Lydia Kavina to join them. Together they have released several albums and reworked their previous releases. In 2005, Messer Chups became a duo consisting of Gitarkin and Svetlana "Zombierella" Nagaeva on bass. In 2007, they became a trio, with drummer Denis "Kashchey" Kuptsov [es] from the band Leningrad. In 2008, they changed their drummer to Alexander Belkok, and Alexander Skvortzov became their vocalist.[citation needed]

The group's music was used for the soundtrack for the dating sim Monster Prom.[4][better source needed]

Musical style[edit]

Messer Chups combines surf rock and traditional Russian music, as well as using samples from historical recordings, lounge music, and vintage film soundtracks.[2] Their live shows feature projections of old horror and sci-fi movies.[2][1] Gitarkin has cited Link Wray and The Ventures as influences.[3]


As of 2019, the group's line-up consisted of:[1]

  • Oleg "Guitaracula" Fomchenkov (aka Oleg Gitarkin) – guitar
  • Svetlana "Zombierella" Nagaeva – bass, vocals
  • Evgeny Lomakin (aka "Rocking Eugene") – drums


Messer Chups:

  • Chudovishe & Chudovishe (Beast and the Beast) (aka Monster & Monster) (1999) MC, CD
  • Miss Libido (2000) MC, CD
  • Bride Of The Atom (2000) MC, CD
  • Vamp Babes (2000) MC, CD
  • Black Black Magic (2002) CD
  • The Best Of Messer Chups: Cocktail Draculina (2002) CD
  • Crazy Price (2003) CD
  • Vamp Babes Upgrade Version 2004 (2004) CD
  • Crazy Price (new version) (2005) CD
  • Hyena Safari (2005) CD
  • Hyena Safari (2nd version)(2006) CD
  • Zombie Shopping (2007) CD
  • Best of The Best (2008) LP/CD
  • Heretic Channel (2009) CD/LP
  • Bermuda 66 (2010) CD
  • Surf Riders from The Swamp Lagoon (2011) CD
  • Church of Reverb (2012) CD/LP
  • The Incredible Crocotiger (2015) CD/LP
  • Spooky Hook (2015) CD/LP
  • Taste the Blood of Guitaracula (2017) CD
  • Mondo Harp (2019) CD
  • Don't Say Cheese (2020)
  • Visiting the Skeleton in the Closet (2022)
  • Adventures of Zombierella and Guitaracula (2023)

Messer für Frau Müller:

  • Merry Bormans (1991) unreleased
  • Happy End Dead (1992) MC, CD released in 2000
  • Little Joys (1992) MC, CD released in 2000
  • Senjors Crakovjac (1993) MC, LP 1994, CD 2000
  • Icicle-Murders (1995) MC
  • Nechelovek-Vidimka (1996) MC
  • „Hello, Superman!“ (1998) MC, CD
  • Second Hand Dreams (2000) MC, CD
  • Allo, Superman! (2000) CD incl. 3 bonus tracks
  • Hyper Utesov Presents (2001) CD
  • Second Hand Dreams (2001) CD incl. 3 bonus tracks
  • Treugol'nik, Chert I Tochka (2003) CD
  • Remixodelica (2005) CD
  • Triangle, Dot & Devil (2006) CD
  • Danger Retrobolik (2006) CD
  • Wake Up The Dead (2008) CD / (2009) LP

Messer Chups & Messer für Frau Müller video DVD 2006

Messer Chups video DVD 2008


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