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Industry food
Founded 1871
Headquarters Gütersloh, Germany

Mestemacher is a German food company based in Gütersloh. It was founded in 1871.

Mestemacher produces a range of bread,[1][2] cereal and cakes. The company exports products to more than 87 countries of the world including United States, France, Brazil and Croatia.[3] [4]


A leading classic retail grocery trader in Germany, Mestemacher specializes in pre-packaged Vollkornbrot - German-style dark wholegrain bread and other international varieties. These products are different from the conventional pre-packaged breads and baked items.[5]

Brief history[edit]

The history of Mestemacher began in 1871 when master shoemaker Johann Heinrich Mestemacher started a modest bakery factory in Gütersloh for his 20-year-old son Wilhelm, a master baker. After 35 years in the bakery business, in 1910, Wilhelm introduced a specialist bakery for pumpernickel.[5]


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