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In Greek mythology, Mestor/ˈmɛstər/; (Μήστωρ) was the name of four men.

  1. Mestor, son of Perseus and Andromeda. He was brother of Perses, Alcaeus, Heleus, Sthenelus, Electryon, Cynurus, Gorgophone and Autochthe. By Lysidice, daughter of Pelops, he was father of Hippothoe.[1]
  2. Mestor, a son of King Priam. Apart from a single mention in the Iliad, where he is praised by his father,[2] he appears in the Bibliotheca[3] and Hyginus.[4] He was taken captive by Neoptolemus, who later dressed up in Mestor's Phrygian clothes to deceive Acastus.[5]
  3. Mestor, a son of king Pterelaus,[1][6] thus great-great-grandson of #1.
  4. In Plato's Critias, Mestor was the second of the fourth set of twins borne of Poseidon and the mortal, Cleito, and one of the first princes of Atlantis.[7]


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