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For the butterfly genus, see Mestra (butterfly).
Erysichthon sells his daughter Mestra. An engraving from among Johann Wilhelm Baur's illustrations of Ovid's Metamorphoses. Poseidon can be seen in the lower-left background.

In Greek mythology, Mestra (Ancient Greek: Μήστρα, Mēstra)[nb 1] was a daughter of Erysichthon of Thessaly.[1] She had the ability to change her shape at will, a gift of her lover Poseidon according to Ovid.[2]

Her father exploited this gift in order to sate the insatiable hunger with which he had been cursed by Demeter for violating a grove sacred to the goddess.[3] Erysichthon would repeatedly sell Mestra to suitors for the bride prices they would pay, only to have the girl return home to her father in the form of various animals.[4]

According to Ovid, Mestra married the thief Autolycus,[5] though other sources named his wife differently.[vague]


  1. ^ She is also occasionally referred to as Mnestra in modern sources, though the form is not anciently attested; cf. Clytemnestra, whose name does appear with and without the n in ancient authors. The pseudo-Apollodoran Bibliotheca (2.1.5) uses the form Mnestra for one of Danaus' daughters who marries and then murders Aegius, son of Aegyptus.


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