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MetaWatch Strata
MetaWatch Frame
MetaWatch Frame Black (MW3005).jpg
ManufacturerMeta Watch Ltd.
Release dateStrata model November 2012 (2012-11)
Introductory price$159.00 for Strata,[1]
$199.00 for Frame[2]
Operating systemFreeRTOS V6.0.5[3]
CPUTI MSP430 16-Bit Ultra-Low-Power Microcontroller
Memory8 kB[3][4] or 16 kB[5] serial RAM
Storage256 KB Flash [6]
DisplayDigital watch: 1.35 in (34 mm)[1] 96x96 pixel reflective mirror LCD display[7]
Analog watch: two 16x80 OLED displays[6]
covered with scratch-resistant, mineral hardened glass[8]
Input6 buttons
3-axis MEMS accelerometer
Ambient light sensor[7]
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0
Power3.7V 75mAH or 120mAh Li-ion coin cell[3][5]
DimensionsStrata 1.74 by 1.74 by 0.5 inches (44 mm × 44 mm × 13 mm) [9] Frame 2 by 1.5 by 0.5 inches (51 mm × 38 mm × 13 mm)
MassStrata: 59 grams (2.1 oz) Frame: 81 grams (2.9 oz) (no longer active)

The MetaWatch is a brand name of smartwatches developed by Meta Watch, Ltd. Strata MetaWatch and Frame MetaWatch are digital smartwatches released in 2012, funded by raising money via the crowd funding platform Kickstarter.[10] MetaWatch is a company founded by former Fossil engineers.[11]


The first generation of MetaWatch watches was released as a development system in September 2011.[12] Two models were sold - analog with OLED displays (model WDS111, style AU1000) and fully digital (model WDS112, style AU2000). Both were provided with a clip for charging, flashing, and debugging.[13] For wireless connection, Bluetooth 2.1 is used via a TI CC2560 module.[14] As a serial RAM Microchip 23A640 serial is used.

Unofficial first and half generation was extended of Bluetooth 4.0 capability. Style numbers for these watches were AU2001 and AU2004.[15][16]

The second generation of MetaWatch had Bluetooth 4.0, a KXTI9 accelerometer instead of KXTF9 (using less active power), and larger battery. The 4 pins on the back of the case were multiplexed and could be either used with Spy-Bi-Wire (serialized version of JTAG) or serial out/ground. External serial RAM was larger. The clip provided with watches was for charging and reflash only. A JTAG clip for development could be bought separately.[17]

The company has now "ceased business operations" according to their automatic email response. Also, their website has been taken over by a new party.


Second generation watches were sold under names Strata (model code SW12-1) and Frame (model code SW12-2). Strata has Water Resistant Mark 5 and Frame has Water Resistant Mark 3.[18] The Strata, which was focused more on value, was bulkier but more durable with its double injection-moulded polyurethane body.[19] It was also cheaper as the Kare model retailed for $140.[20] The Frame, on the other hand, was the variant targeted towards the fashion segment. The device featured a slimmer stainless steel build, smaller display, leather bands and a price tag of $199.[21] The Strata model was initially offered as an iOS-only device due to challenges in developing a version for the Android platform.[20] An Android-compatible version was later released.

In 2014, Metawatch announced Meta M1,[22] a premium smartwatch developed in collaboration with Frank Nuovo. The designer was known for his iconic works at Vertu and Nokia, where he served as a Vice President and Chief of Design. The device was launched at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.[23]

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