Metal-Munching Mice

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Metal Munching Mice
Rocky and Bullwinkle story arc
Season 2
Story arc # 4
No. of Segments 16
Air date (start) September 29, 1960
Air date (end) November 17, 1960
Program title Rocky And His Friends
Network ABC
Directed by Gerard Baldwin
Pete Burness
Bill Hurtz
Gerry Ray
Bob Schleh
George Singer
Ernie Terrazas
Produced by Ponsonby Britt
Written by George Atkins
Chris Hayward
Chris Jenkins
Lloyd Turner
Production 89–104
Guests Gidney
Mr. Big
Boris's disguises The Big Cheese

Metal-Munching Mice is the second story arc from the second season of Rocky and His Friends. It was broadcast on ABC during the 1960/61 television season on Thursdays, concurrently with Upsidaisium on Sundays.[1]


All of America's TV antennas have gone missing. The culprit is an army of 6-foot-tall (1.8 m) robot mice from the moon, led by Boris Badenov. The plan, concocted by Mr. Big, is to get everyone to leave the USA. The heroes find the villains' hideout in a haunted mansion. Surprisingly, Gidney & Cloyd are the ones supplying the mice, believing that "The Big Cheese" is using them for peaceful goals.

With no more television, Bullwinkle resorts to playing the ukulele. Oddly enough, the mice are attracted to his horrible playing. An epic musical battle between Bullwinkle and Boris for control of the mice ensues.

This was the final appearance of Mr. Big.

Episode segments[edit]

Episode 1[edit]

  1. Metal Munching Mice
  2. Fractured Fairy Tales: Leaping Beauty
  3. Mr. Know-It-All: How to be a Human Fly
  4. Peabody's Improbable History: Peter Cooper
  5. Bullwinkle Bites Back or Nothing but the Tooth

Episode 2[edit]

  1. Knock on Wood or Bullwinkle Takes the Rap
  2. Fractured Fairy Tales: Puss 'N Boots
  3. Bullwinkle's Corner: "Simple Simon"
  4. Dudley Do-Right: Recruiting Campaign
  5. A Knock for the Road or The Lamp is Low

Episode 3[edit]

  1. Window Pains or The Moosetrap
  2. Aesop and Son: The Goldfish and the Bear
  3. Mr. Know-It-All: How To Be a Hitch-hiker
  4. Peabody's Improbable History: The Battle of Bunker Hill
  5. Doorway to Danger or Doom in the Room

Episode 4[edit]

  1. Boris Makes his Move or The Miceman Cometh
  2. Fractured Fairy Tales: Jack and the Beanstalk
  3. Bullwinkle's Corner: "Hickory Dickory Dock"
  4. Peabody's Improbable History: The Pony Express
  5. Big Cheese Boris or I'd Rather be Rat

Episode 5[edit]

  1. The Space Rat or Of Mice and Menace
  2. Aesop and Son: The Vain Crow
  3. Mr. Know-It-All: How To Be a Hobo or 10 Easy Steps to a Bum Career
  4. Peabody's Improbable History: Stephen Decatur
  5. The Shot Heard Round the World or The First National Bang

Episode 6[edit]

  1. The Rat-Pack Attacks or Sharrup You Mouse [sic]
  2. Fractured Fairy Tales: Tiny Tom
  3. Bullwinkle's Corner: "Little Bo-Peep"
  4. Peabody's Improbable History: Alexander Graham Bell
  5. Bucks for Boris or Rocky Pays the Piper

Episode 7[edit]

  1. Fright Flight or A Rocky to the Moon
  2. Fractured Fairy Tales: Aladdin's Lamp
  3. Mr. Know-It-All: How To Disarm a Bomb
  4. Dudley Do-Right: Out of Uniform
  5. Bullwinkle Bellows Again or Moonin' Low

Episode 8[edit]

  1. Bongo Boris or The Hep Rat
  2. Fractured Fairy Tales: Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
  3. Mr. Know-It-All: How To Be a Beatnik
  4. Peabody's Improbable History: Commander Peary
  5. The Spies of Life or When a Fella Needs a Fiend


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