Metal (magazine)

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Metal - Iorio.jpg
1994 issue, after the breakup of Hermética.
Editor Hebe Blanco
Categories Heavy metal
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Magendra
First issue 1983
Final issue 1995
Country Argentina
Based in Buenos Aires
Language Spanish

Metal was an Argentine heavy metal music magazine edited from 1983 to 1995. It was published by Magendra, which also published the magazine Pelo, devoted to rock. Metal was the first heavy metal magazine published in Argentina.

The initial interviews were taken from foreign magazines, but years later they got their own ones with correspondents or by telephone interviews. The magazine also grew from a black&white publication to a few pages in colour as it grew.

The magazine published a CD in 1990, with songs of Argentine bands of the time: Pappo & The Widowmakers, Horcas, Lethal, El Dragón, JAF, Hermética, Kamikaze, Alakran, Tarzen, 2112 and El Reloj.

Another heavy metal music magazine edited since 1989, Madhouse, had a greater success. Metal ended being published in 1995.