Metal Brothers

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Metal Brothers
Origin Japan
Genres Anison
Years active 1997–1998
Labels Columbia Music Entertainment
Associated acts Metal Heroes
JAM Project
Members Metal #1
Metal #2

The Metal Brothers (鋼鉄兄弟, Kōtetsu Kyōdai) are a vocal group composed of Hironobu Kageyama and Masaaki Endoh as the fictional Metal #1 (鋼鉄1号, Kōtetsu Ichigō, born February 18, 2961) and Metal #2 (鋼鉄2号, Kōtetsu Nigō, born August 28, 2967), respectively, debuting in 2997 (each year is 1000 years later than the actual date).[1] Together, the Metal Brothers released two full-length albums of covers of anime songs and two singles of original songs.[2] They have also performed various original songs for the Super Robot Wars series. The group has not released any more music since the inception of JAM Project.



  • ROBOMETAL ZZZ (ROBOMETAL ZZZ, Robometaru Toripuru Zēta, 1997)
  • ROBOMETAL II: Steel Embrace (ROBOMETAL II~鋼の抱擁~, Robometaru Tsū ~Kō no Hōyō~, 1998)


  • "BRAVE HEART" (1998)
  • "METAL BROTHERS ~Kō no Chikai~" (METAL BROTHERS~鋼の誓い~, "Metal Brothers (Steel Vow))

Other songs[edit]

  • "RIDE on DREAM" (1998)
  • "Far Away" (1998)
  • "MUTEKI Fight it out" (1998)
  • "Kaze no Yell" (風のYell, Kaze no Ēru, 1998)
    • Insert songs in Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! MAX

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