Metal Max 3

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Metal Max 3
Metal Max 3 Coverart.png
Developer(s) Cattle Call
Publisher(s) Kadokawa Games, Enterbrain, Crea-Tech
Director(s) Tomoki Tauchi
Producer(s) Yoshihiro Yamamoto
Designer(s) Hiroshi Miyaoka
Programmer(s) Kazuki Takei
Artist(s) Masaki Hirooka
Atsuji Yamamoto
Shun Kise
Composer(s) Satoshi Kadokura
Series Metal Max
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
  • JP: July 29, 2010
Genre(s) role-playing
Mode(s) Single-player

Metal Max 3 (メタルマックス3, Metaru Makkusu Surī) is the seventh entry in the Metal Max series (besides Metal Saga series). It is a vehicle combat RPG produced by Cattle Call and co-published by Kadokawa Games, Enterbrain, and Crea-Tech for the Nintendo DS exclusively in Japan in 2010.[1]

In 1993, Metal Max 2 was published by Data East, who retained the trademark rights to series until its closure in 2003 and the liquidation of its intellectual properties in 2004. In April 2009, Enterbrain (Kadokawa's subsidiary) obtained the rights[2] and published Metal Max 3 the next year. It is the first numbered entry in the series in 17 years.[3] A remade version in DS of Metal Max 2 was published in 2011, and used Metal Max 3's engine.[4]

Similar with its predecessors, the game is open-ended and non-linear.


Much of the gameplay is similar to its predecessors, Metal Max and Metal Max 2. The game is open-ended and non-linear, with the player given the freedom to decide where to go and what missions to do in whichever order. The player can choose the character classes and subclasses, besides a mechanic, soldier, artist or other, for the player characters.[5] The battles are turn-based, with the characters able to fight either on foot or using tanks. The tanks can be created and customized by the player, who can modify and enhance each part of a vehicle, though there is a weight limit to each tank which mostly depends on an engine. In certain areas where tanks cannot pass, the characters must engage the enemies on foot. The game also features gambling machines where minigames can be played, including third-person shooter and racing games.


The protagonist was picked up and revived by mad scientist Dr. Minch. However he suffered from severe memory lost and cannot remember anything about himself. Therefore, the protagonist decided to travel around the world as a bounty hunter, in order to retrieve his memories and find out his true identity.


Since numbered predecessor Metal Max 2 was released in 1993, original publisher Data East planned to release a new entry, but then it got into trouble.[6] During this time, a Dreamcast game named Metal Max: Wild Eyes was planned to developed, and it decided to publish by ASCII Entertainment, however the game wasn't published finally owing many reasons.[7] There were also some other companies want to develop a Game Boy game, but they given up this plan in the end.[6] In 2003, Data East announced bankruptcy, and trademark was registered by others. And then the series was published by Success as the new name Metal Saga. Enterbrain invited producer for making a new game in 2008, and obtain original treadmark in 2009.[2][6] The game was published on July 2010 by Enterbrain's subsidiary Kadokawa Games.


An english fan translation of Metal Max 3 is in the works.[8]


While RPGamer scored Metal Max 3 4.5/5,[9] Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu award the game 33/40.[10] Game's high freedom and tank system were generally well received. However, review criticise sometimes game's encounter rate is unusually high.[11][12]


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