Metal Saga: Season of Steel

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Metal Saga: Hagane no Kisetsu
Metal Saga- Hagane no Kisetsu Coverart.jpg
Cover art
Developer(s) Crea-Tech
Publisher(s) Success
Producer(s) Hiroshi Miyaoka[1]
Series Metal Max
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
  • JP: June 15, 2006
Genre(s) Role-playing video game
Mode(s) Single

Metal Saga: Season of Steel[a][2] is a post-apocalyptic role-playing video game developed by Crea-Tech and published by Success in 2006. It running in Nintendo DS and it is a full touch screen controlled game.[1]

Hagane no Kisetsu is the fifth game of the Metal Max series. Unlike its predecessor Metal Saga, the game wasn't released in North America. In 2007, a sequel was released on mobile phone as an incarnation of Metal Saga and was released in Japan in 2007.

This entry is very different from the other entries in the series. For example, multiple characters sit in only a tank instead of one person sit in one,[3] and using "durability" instead of tank's armor.[4]


Like most role-playing video games, players travel around the world, buy powerful equipment, battle with monsters and save the world. Unlike all predecessors, the world map uses a 45-degree angle view, and using a point instead town or dungeon' pigeon hole, with the only way from a point to a point; once the player completes the task, the next location will appear on the map.

Combat is individually turn-based, players can choose to combat enemies by foot or with a tank. All party members can equip multiple weapons, and can choose the one to attack enemy in one turn. On the other hand, if the party members choose to fight whilst being in the tank, every character will need to use different weapon to attack enemy in each turn. Each weapon and monster has their own property, like fire, light etc. Allelopathy property will affect the attack effect.[5]


In the near future, the world was devastated by a supercomputer named Noah. However, remnants of humanity survived this cataclysm, naming the event Great Destruction. Noah continued its intent to wipe Earth clean of humanity in this post-apocalyptic world. However, a hunter named Rebanna [6] destroyed Noah before its ambition was fulfilled. Noah foresaw the possibility of its demise, and so devised "Noah consciousness awakening program" in this unlikely event and stores it within indestructible super-alloy shell called "Noah Seed." Under this threat, Rebanna's children undertake the task to fight the resurrected supercomputer.[7]


Japanese game magazine Famitsu scored the Metal Saga: Hagane no Kisetsu 27/40.[8] In its released year, Metal Saga: Hagane no Kisetsu was sold 26,000 copies.[9]


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