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GenresPower metal, speed metal
Years active1998–2011
LabelsMassacre Records
WebsiteMetalium Website
Past membersTolo Grimalt
Matthias Lange
Lars Ratz
Michael Ehré
Henning Basse
Chris Caffery
Jack Frost
Mike Terrana
Mark Cross

Metalium was a power metal band from Hamburg, Germany, founded in 1999 and disbanded in 2011.[1] Their style of music was that of the traditional power metal sound which was pioneered by bands such as Helloween and Blind Guardian.


The band was formed by bassist Lars Ratz (ex-Viva, Zed Yago, Velvet Viper),[2] vocalist Henning Basse (ex- Burgeon Street, Brainstorm)[3] and newcomer guitarist Matthias Lange. The German musicians got acquainted with drummer Mike Terrana and Savatage guitarist Chris Caffery through Ratz's own management company during a European tour of the two Americans.[4] The five musicians worked together at a single concept album project with a science fiction/fantasy storyline and speed metal style, to be released before the new millennium.[4] The story is about Michael, a metal fan, who drinks a magic potion and becomes the invincible warrior Metalian.[5] The debut Metalium album Millennium Metal – Chapter One was released in 1999 and was a success in Germany, peaking at No. 75 in the German chart[6] and receiving positive reviews.[7][8][9] The success of the first album ensured the continuation of the band's life, as well as new adventures for the Metalian, the main character of Metalium's ongoing saga.[4] Jack Frost and Mark Cross replaced Caffery and Terrana respectively for the second album State of Triumph – Chapter Two, released in 2000.[5] Both Frost and Cross had left the band by the end 2001, leaving Lange as the only guitarist for studio recordings and introducing Michael Ehré on drums in time for Metalium third album of 2002.[5] Still in 2001, the band released a DVD/Video titled Metalian Attack which included a 7-track live-CD and a full Metalium concept comic book by artist Markus Mayer.[10] In the following years the band went on tour in Europe, Russia and South America, granting its presence at many important festivals.[11] Metalium released other six albums until 2009 and a second live DVD called Metalian Attack pt. 2 in 2006.[12][13][14][15][16]

On 13 September 2010, the band announced on its website that it would dissolve in 2011.[17]


Final line-up[edit]

  • Henning Basse - vocals, keyboards
  • Tolo Grimalt - guitar
  • Matthias Lange - guitar
  • Lars Ratz - bass
  • Michael Ehré - drums

Former members[edit]




  • Metalian Attack (2001)
  • Metalian Attack pt. 2 (2006)


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