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Metalization may refer to one of a number of different processes:

  • Coating a covering applied an object's surface that improves surface properties: adhesion, resistance to corrosion or wear or scratches.
  • Metallizing (also metalize) to coat, treat, or combine with a metal.
  • Thermal spraying melted (or heated) materials are sprayed onto a surface.
  • Vacuum deposition is a family of processes used to deposit layers as thin as one atom to millimeters thick in a vacuum.
  • Vacuum metallizing the metallic coating of an object takes place in a vacuum chamber.
  • Vacuum coating a mechanized process for applying coatings to lengths of materials.
  • Transition of a nonmetal to a metallic substance due to a change of allotrope or closure of a bandgap, usually at very high pressures
  • Metalation, a reaction between an organometallic compound and another organic compound which typically includes a halide group