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J. Graf in 2007
M.V. Carbon in 2007

Metalux is a noise band consisting of M.V. Carbon and J. Graf, both members of Bride of No No. They are occasionally joined by Nautical Almanac member Twig Harper. Early material was released on the Hanson Records label, while their Waiting for Armadillo album was released on Load Records in 2004.


This discography is incomplete




  • Winter Construction cd with zine (Dead CEO, 2002)
  • Pilot Conference cd with zine (Pilot TV, 2004) - Distributed with a zine for Pilot Television Convergence: Experimental Media for Feminist Trespass that happened in Chicago, October 8–11, 2004
  • Sur La Mer Samp-La-Mer cd (5RC, 2006)

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