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  4. Manipulative Methods
  5. Energy Therapy
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The Metamorphic Technique is a gentle form of foot, hand and head massage that can be carried out by anyone with a brief training in the technique. It draws on reflexology in its theory and approach.

It does not claim any specific healing power but uses the idea that the massage helps the individual's own innate inner intelligence free deep blocks in their body's energy pattern (The scientific consensus is that there is no evidence for energy patterns) and somehow bring about resolution of stuck patterns at the root of problems in their life and health.

It focuses on reflexology meridians in the feet, hands and head which correspond to the spinal column and in turn to the incarnation, gestation and birth of the individual.

It was devised originally by British naturopath Robert St. John in the 1960s. He had been practising reflexology on his patients but found he had more success if he gave up trying to bring about a specific result and gave a general massage of the spinal reflexes. It was further developed by his student Gaston Saint-Pierre in the 1970s who coined the term Metamorphic Technique and founded the Metamorphic Association in 1979. Robert St.John preferred to stick with the name of Metamorphosis and was involved with the branch with this name until his death . Metamorphosis is taught and practiced in UK and many places particularly in California, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. Metamorphic Technique is practiced and taught in UK and Europe amongst other places. There are subtle differences in viewpoint around the issue of intent, between the two schools but people learn the same simple basic practice in both although each school developed some extra practices that are unique to themselves at later stages.


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