Metamorphosis I

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Metamorphosis I
Escher, Metamorphosis I.jpg
ArtistM. C. Escher
Dimensions19.5 cm × 90.8 cm (7.7 in × 35.7 in)

Metamorphosis I is a woodcut print by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher which was first printed in May, 1937. This piece measures 19.5 cm × 90.8 cm (7 58 in × 35 34 in) and is printed on two sheets.

The concept of this work is to morph one image into a tessellated pattern, then gradually to alter the outlines of that pattern to become an altogether different image. From left to right, the image begins with a depiction of the coastal Italian town of Atrani (see Atrani, Coast of Amalfi). The outlines of the architecture then morph to a pattern of three-dimensional blocks. These blocks then slowly become a tessellated pattern of cartoon-like figures in oriental attire.

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