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Subject Metaphilosophy
Language English
Edited by Armen T. Marsoobian
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ISSN 1467-9973
OCLC no. 49883085

Metaphilosophy is a peer-reviewed academic journal covering metaphilosophy. It is abstracted and indexed by PhilPapers and the Philosopher's Index.[1][2]

Metaphilosophy was established in 1970 by Terry Bynum and Richard Reese.[3] "Metaphilosophy" was given a working definition in the first issue of the journal as "the investigation of the nature of philosophy, with the central aim of arriving at a satisfactory explanation of the absence of uncontested philosophical claims and arguments."[4] The journal is published by John Wiley & Sons and the editor-in-chief is Armen T. Marsoobian (Southern Connecticut State University).[5]


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