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Type of site
Private company
Headquarters United States
Area served Worldwide
Key people Alex Jasin (CEO)[1][2]
Industry Electronic publishing
Alexa rank Increase 255,628 (December 2017)[3]
Current status Active

Metapress is a digital content publishing company which produces and distributes online content on a wide array of subjects. The company operates an online platform which helps integrate content, community, and commerce across various categories. It also creates, manages, monetizes, and distributes published resources.[4][5]


Beginnings as an Online Publisher[edit]

Metapress was founded in 1998, as an online publication platform for content creators to produce and host their printed journal editions online.[6] Initially formed as a subsidiary of EBSCO Information Services,[7] The company became one of the world's largest and established scholarly publishers,[8][9] hosting over 31,000 publications[10] from over 180 publishers.[11] Its customers and partners have included Princeton,[12] Inderscience,[13] UCLA's AASC Press,[14] and North Carolina State University.[15][16] Publishers have included the National Association for Music Education, Academy of Management, World Scientific, IOS Press, and others.[17]

Acquisition by Atypon[edit]

On April 14, 2014,[18] Atypon acquired the underlying platform of the Metapress business from EBSCO Information Services.[19][20] Upon purchase, existing clients and content were migrated to Atypon's Literatum platform on May 21, 2015.[21][22] The Literatum platform was integrated with the Metapress platform to include website development tools, content targeting, rapid product creation, subscription modeling, eCommerce, and analytics.[23]

Current Operations[edit]

The company presently functions as a digital publisher that integrates content, community and commerce across various categories, providing consumers with respected expert opinions and actionable advice, to assist in achieving greater insights in the practicality related to a variety of consumer objectives. The website was relaunched in June 2016, rebranded as a "resource of expert content on the internet".[24][25]

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