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Metaweb Technologies, Inc.
Industry Data management
Fate acquired
(by Google in July, 2010)
Founded July 2005; 11 years ago (2005-07)
Founder Danny Hillis, Veda Hlubinka-Cook
Headquarters San Francisco, California, United States
Key people
Kurt Bollacker, chief scientist
Danny Hillis, chairman
Thomas Layton, CEO[1]
Veda Hlubinka-Cook, EVP, product development
John Giannandrea, CTO
Products Freebase — an online database

Metaweb Technologies, Inc. was a San Francisco-based company that developed Freebase, described as an "open, shared database of the world's knowledge". The company was founded by Veda Hlubinka-Cook[2] and Danny Hillis in 2005.

Metaweb was acquired by Google in 2010.[3] Google shut down Freebase in 2016, transferring all its data to Wikidata.[4] [5]


On March 14, 2006, Metaweb received $15 million in funding. Investors included Benchmark Capital, Millennium Technology Ventures, and Omidyar Network.[6] On January 15, 2008, Metaweb announced a $42.5 million Series B round led by Goldman Sachs and Benchmark Capital.[7]

Kevin Harvey of Benchmark Capital was a member of Metaweb's board of directors.


On July 16, 2010, Google acquired Metaweb for an undisclosed sum.[8]


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