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Gender Masculine
Language(s) Turkish
Word/name mete
Derivation 1. "mete"
2. "han"
Meaning 2. "brave", "galahad", "hero", "valiant", "gallant"
2. "Khan"
Other names
Cognate(s) Mete, Bahadır
See also Baghatur

Metehan is a common masculine Turkish given name. "Metehan" is composed of two words: "Mete" and "Han". In Turkish, "Mete" means "brave", "galahad", "hero", "valiant", and/or "gallant" whereas "Han" means literally "Khan". Thus, "Metehan" means "brave khan", "galahad khan", "gallant khan".

Mete is a deformed version of "Mo - du" which is the regional name of Modu Chanyu who was the founder of Xiongnu Empire. Appropriate Turkish reading of "Mo - du" is "Baghatur". Baghatur is also used as a masculine given name by Turkish people as Bahadır, Batur, and as in other cognate forms.

Given name[edit]