Metelen Land station

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Metelen Land
Through station
Eisenbahnmuseum Metelen Land.jpg
Metelen Land Railway Museum
Location Steinfurt, North Rhine-Westphalia
Coordinates 52°9′44″N 7°15′14″E / 52.16222°N 7.25389°E / 52.16222; 7.25389Coordinates: 52°9′44″N 7°15′14″E / 52.16222°N 7.25389°E / 52.16222; 7.25389
Platforms 2
Other information
Station code 4081 [1]
DS100 code EMTE [2]
Category 6 [1]
Opened 30 September 1875 [3]

Metelen Land station is located in Metelen in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia on the Münster–Enschede railway. The station is operated by the Metelen Land Railway Museum.

The station was opened by the Royal Westphalian Railway Company (Königlich-Westfälische Eisenbahn, KWE) on 30 September 1875, along with the Münster–Enschede railway.[3][4] The station was originally called Metelen and received its current name on 1 October 1902.[3]

Metelen Land station is served by the following Regionalbahn service:[5]

Line Line name Route Operator Frequency
RB 64 Euregio-Bahn Enschede – Gronau (Westf) Metelen LandSteinfurt-Burgsteinfurt – Altenberge – Münster (Westf) Zentrum Nord Münster (Westf) DB Regio NRW 60 min
Preceding station   DB Regio NRW   Following station
toward Enschede
RB 64
toward Münster Hbf

Metelen Land Railway Museum[edit]

The station is operated by the Eisenbahn-Interessengemeinschaft Metelen e. V. (Metelen railway community of interest, EIG). It includes, among other things, the Metelen Land Railway Museum (German: Eisenbahnmuseum Metelen Land, which has a uniform and hat collection. The station’s fully functional mechanical signal box, a section of railway track with a crossover, a local and long distance barrier, homemade hand-operated inspection trolley, a salon car, workshop wagons, track maintenance equipment, a ticket printing machine, a weighing scale with card issuance, an industrial diesel locomotive and model railways can also be viewed.[6]


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