Meteliai Regional Park

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Village church and cemetery

Meteliai Regional Park (Metelių regioninis parkas), established in 1992, is a natural and cultural reserve in southern Lithuania.

The park covers about 177 square kilometers, including three lakes: Lake Metelys, Lake Dusia, and Lake Obelija.[1][2] Its geographic features include glacial moraines.

130 bird species breed in the park; it is visited by over 10,000 individuals during migratory seasons. Flocks of up to 2,000 crested grebes, 15,000 coots, and 4,000 tufted ducks have been observed.

The park incorporates a number of villages along with battle sites, churches, cemeteries, and Stone Age settlements.


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Coordinates: 54°17′N 23°43′E / 54.28°N 23.72°E / 54.28; 23.72