Meteoritical Society's Service Award

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Meteoritical Society's Service Award
Awarded for advancing the goals of the Society other than by conducting scientific research.
Presented by Meteoritical Society
Reward(s) Lifetime membership of the Society
First awarded c2006

This award honors members of the Meteoritical Society who have advanced the goals of the Society to promote research and education in meteoritics and planetary science in ways other than by conducting scientific research.[1] Examples of activities that could be honored by the award include, but are not limited to, education and public outreach, service to the Society and the broader scientific community, and acquisition, classification and curation of new samples for research. This award may be given annually, and should be given at least every other year. Winners will be granted lifetime membership in the Meteoritical Society.

Meteoritical Society's Service Award Winners[edit]

Meteoritical Society's Service Award Winners
Year Name[2]
2006 Jörn Koblitz
2007 John Schutt
2008 Drew Barringer
2009 Derek Sears
2010 Joel Schiff
2011 Richard N. Pugh
2012 Ursula Marvin
2013 Jeffrey Grossman
2014 Roy Clarke Jr.
2015 Ralph Harvey
2016 Gisela Poesges
2017 Cecilia Satterwhite

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