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Method Studios
Founded 1998
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Number of locations
Vancouver, British Columbia
New York, New York
Chicago, Illinois
Detroit, Michigan
Atlanta, Georgia
London, England
Sydney, New South Wales
Melbourne, Victoria
Key people
Dan Glass – Chief Creative Officer
Gabby Gourrier – Executive Vice President of Global Production
Crys Forsyth-Smith – Global Head of Production
Services Visual Effects
Parent Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc.

Method Studios is a visual effects company founded in 1998 and located in Los Angeles, California with facilities in Vancouver, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, London, Sydney and Melbourne. Method Studios services high-end feature film, commercial, television, games, music video and motion graphics clients in the global marketplace. The company provides a range of production and post-production services including conceptual design, look development, on-set supervision, 3D animation/CGI, matte painting, compositing and finishing.[1]

Commercial and feature projects produced by Method Studios have been recognized by award bodies such as the Visual Effects Society (VES) and Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP).[2][3] Method staff have been invited to speak at industry conferences such as SIGGRAPH, NAB, Collider and the VES Production Summit[4][5]


In late 2010, Method Studios was acquired by Deluxe to form part of the Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. This group includes other companies specializing in post-production such as Company 3 (color grading) and Beast (editorial). Method Studios co-locate with both Company 3 and Beast in Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta and also share a facility space with Company 3 in New York.[6]


Method Studios has collaborated on feature films with many top Hollywood studios such as Warner Bros., Twentieth Century Fox, Summit Entertainment, Columbia Pictures and Paramount. In terms of commercial production, the company maintains working relationships with many award-winning directors such as Noam Murro, Tom Kuntz, Jake Scott, Nicolai Fuglsig and Mark Romanek. Commercial clients include Verizon, DirecTV, Kia Motors, Microsoft, Bridgestone, Chrysler and Canon through agencies David&Goliath, Grey, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Twofifteen and TBWA/Chiat Day and many more.[7]

Recent projects[edit]

Feature Films[edit]

Recent notable feature projects at Method Studios include Guardians of The Galaxy, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Divergent, RoboCop, The Monuments Men, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, White House Down, Metallica Through the Never, Cloud Atlas,[8] Argo,[9] Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,[10] Dark Shadows [11] and Wrath of the Titans.[12]


Commercial visual effects work produced by Method Studios includes the 2014 Super Bowl spot 'Strike' for Maserati, the new 'Milk Anthem' spot,[13] GE 'Imagination at work,' 2012 Super Bowl spot and VES Award winner 'Silverado' for Chevy,[14] KIA 'Bringing Down The House' starring the dancing hamsters [15] and the Halo 4 ad 'The Commissioning'.[16] Other recent standout projects include 'Fire' for Jameson (VFX Gold Clio Award winner and HPA winner for "Compositing") and Halo Reach: Deliver Hope [17] (2011 VES Award winner for "Outstanding Visual Effects in a Live Action Commercial" and AICP Award winner for "Visual Effects").

Method Design[edit]

Method Design is a design and animation arm of Method Studios located within their Los Angeles and New York offices.

Since its inception in 2012, Method Design has completed main titles and design for feature films including Men in Black 3, The Avengers, Captain America, Gulliver's Travels and Wolfman. In addition to the film and trailer markets, Method Design has also done extensive commercial design work with Method Studios' commercial visual effects and finishing teams around the world.[18]

Award wins[edit]

Visual Effects Society Awards
2013, Outstanding Compositing in a Commercial - Chevy '2012 Silverado'
2011, Outstanding Visual Effects in a Live Action Commercial - Halo Reach 'Deliver Hope'

AICP Awards
2014, VFX - GE 'Childlike Imagination'
2013, Animation - DirecTV 'Troll'
2011, VFX - Halo Reach 'Deliver Hope'

Clio Awards
2014, Silver winner for VFX - DirecTV 'Troll'
2012, Gold winner for VFX - Jameson 'Fire'
2007, Gold winner for VFX – Adidas ‘Carry’
2005, Silver winner for VFX – Sears ‘Arboretum’

London International Awards[19]
2013, Bronze for Music Video VFX - Deadmau5 'Professional Greifers'
2013, Bronze for Commercial Animation - DirecTV 'Troll'
2012, Silver for VFX - Kia 'Share Some Soul'
2011, Gold for VFX - Halo Reach 'Deliver Hope'

Australian Effects and Animation Festival
2013, Commercial Animation - DirecTV 'Troll'
2013, Idents & Stings - SBS 'Fresh History'
2013, Music Videos - Deadmau5 'Professional Greifers'
2012, Commercial Animation - Kia 'Share Some Soul'

Hollywood Post Alliance Awards[20]
2014, VFX - GE 'Childlike Imagination
2012, Compositing - Chevy '2012 Silverado'
2011, Compositing - Jameson 'Fire'

CICLOPE Awards[21]
2014, Gold for Live Action VFX - GE 'Childlike Imagination
2013, Bronze for Live Action VFX - DirecTV 'Troll'
2012, Silver for Live Action VFX - Halo 4 'The Commissioning'

3D World
2011, Best use of CG in Advertising - Halo Reach 'Deliver Hope'


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