Methods in Enzymology

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Methods in Enzymology  
Edited byJohn Abelson, Melvin Simon, Gregory Verdine, Anna Pyle
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Methods Enzymol.

Methods in Enzymology is a series of scientific publications focused primarily on research methods in biochemistry by Academic Press, created by Sidney P. Colowick and Nathan O. Kaplan, now part of Elsevier. Historically, each volume has centered on a specific topic of biochemistry, such as DNA repair, yeast genetics, or the biology of nitric oxide. In recent years, however, the range of topics covered has broadened to also include biotechnology-oriented areas of research.

First published in 1955, there are more than 550 volumes in the collection. The series is currently edited by John Abelson, Melvin Simon, Gregory Verdine and Anna Pyle, with each volume being guest-edited and contributed to by the expert researchers in the field.

The articles offer detailed description of experimental techniques in biochemistry. The series is widely used and cited in the biomedical research field.