Methylobacterium extorquens

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Methylobacterium extorquens
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Proteobacteria
Class: Alphaproteobacteria
Order: Rhizobiales
Family: Methylobacteriaceae
Genus: Methylobacterium
Binomial name
Methylobacterium extorquens
(Urakami and Komagata 1984)
Bousfield and Green 1985

Bacillus extorquens Bassalik 1913
Vibrio extorquens (Bassalik 1913) Bhat and Barker 1948
Pseudomonas extorquens (Bassalik 1913) Krasil'nikov 1949
Flavobacterium extorquens (Bassalik 1913) Bassalik et al. 1960
Protomonas extorquens (ex Bassalik 1913) Urakami and Komagata 1984
Methylobacterium chloromethanicum Kato et al. 2005
Methylobacterium dichloromethanicum Kato et al. 2005[1]

Methylobacterium extorquens is a Gram-negative bacterium.[2]


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